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For €25 a month you can sponsor a child. Compared to other foundations which ask for a similar amount per child, our projects do not confine themselves just  to the provision of education. That is why our expenses per child average €80 per month. In our projects the children reside on a permanent basis which means we also have the added expense of lodging, food, clothing and medication to pay for. This is why the cost of one child is met by several sponsors. You  yourself can choose which child you would like to sponsor and if you’d like to do that in fully or partially. You can also choose which part of the costs you would like your sponsor money to pay for:

  • Education
  • Housing and Clothing
  • Food and Medication

In order to meet the amount of €80 per child per month, gifts we receive from donors are also used. If the child of your choice is already being sponsored for all three of the above  expense items, then you will receive a proposal from us for the sponsoring of another child. As sponsor you will receive twice a year  a report on the wellbeing of your chosen child plus a recent photo and/or drawing.

Interested parties can contact us at