The Onesimus Boys Center (OBC) is a rehabilitation center for street boys between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. The center is a joint initiative from Mirjam de Lange and Matheka and Ria Munyasya  which they established in July 2005. All of the boys come from the streets of Mombasa. The purpose of OBC is to provide the boys with routine, education, medical care and a place to rehabilitate. Here they find a place they can call home and receive treatment to help them process their problems. At the moment there are 21 boys living at OBC. They are supervised by social workers. There is also a cook.

Some of the boys already attend  secondary school, in Kenya this is often a boarding school. In this boarding school the boys also stay overnight. They only come to OBC during the school holidays. The boarding school is sometimes a day’s journey away from OBC. Another group of the boys is still busy with their primary school education. They go to school in Mombasa and return to OBC during lunchtime and again after school. The school holidays are in April, August and the whole of December. In Kenya the school year is from January ‘till December.