Dickson Center

At the Dickson Academy we don’t just want to perform academically orientated work with the children, we also want to provide them with social and emotional support and guidance. For this we have social workers working at the center. We feel that each child has its own talents and gifts and we want to help encourage these. That is to say that aside from the academic side, we look for other talents such as, music, sport, and drama. Furthermore, we want to give Montessori orientated lessons with the use of lots of material.            

We also want to make the school accessible to children from different social backgrounds. The idea behind this is to let the more affluent families pay the full tuition fees and  the less fortunate families  to pay what they can afford according to their income. For those that are unable to pay any tuition fees we would still like to give them the chance to go to school and for future prospects by way of a sponsor program.  Aside from an education, we also provide the children with a meal.